Our Solution

The Biometric Private Key

The iRespond digital identity solution relies on the latest biometrics, currently focusing on iris scans, which have been proven to be the most accurate, unique and reliable means to biometrically identify individuals.

Unlike other iris-scanning techniques, iRespond deconstructs the iris into a unique template that can’t be forged or duplicated. The template in turn is paired with a 12-digit string of randomly generated numbers forming a unique numeric ID, a UNiD.

In the language of BlockChain, iRespond’s digital identity solution becomes the biometric private key, verifying and validating as the trusted source, any claims made against it.

iRespond is GDPR Compliant

iRespond does not collect, store or make available any personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI). The UNiD acts solely to validate that the individual being scanned is truly who they say they are.

The Biometric Service Provider

In the BlockChain universe, iRespond closes the loop between a decentralized global public utility, an individual, and an organization making a claim and needing trusted validation. All UNiDs are stored and protected by iRespond in the Cloud, acting as a biometric service provider.