Identity, privacy, and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare

The ability to positively identify a patient every time they receive care is one of the biggest impediments to global healthcare delivery and to the NGOs working with underserved populations.

The iRespond digital identity solution enables healthcare organizations to reduce the time and resources needed to register new patients, match returning patients, and maintain accurate records.

Supporting research and clinical trials

iRespond's digital identity solution prevents co-enrollment in clinical trials and protects data integrity during research efforts. We provide anonymity and confidentiality, promoting vital trust between researchers and subjects. Our process does not capture PII or PHI data, making our process GDPR compliant, the strict European Union criteria for data privacy.

Facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance

Many NGOs deliver badly needed humanitarian aid to refugees displaced by war or persecution. iRespond provides NGOs with a trusted digital identity system to protect those being served, while making the process simpler, more accurate, and less expensive for those who are serving.

Human Rights are denied to the Invisibles

Most people take for granted the ability to get a job, access social services, receive healthcare, be protected by the law, and travel freely across borders. People without verifiable and trusted identities, the Invisibles, can fall victim to those who hold them captive, exploit their labor, sell them for profit, and discard them when they are no longer needed. The iRespond digital identity solution helps bring those Invisibles out of the shadows to be recognized as deserving of care, and to participate in the world and economy around them.